Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Excite your samples with the most reliable femtosecond and picosecond pulses to maximize your data throughput.

  • Superior Reliability Benefit from the Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science, our approach to total reliability.
  • Exceptional Performance Get consistent, repeatable, and unmatched performance from our oscillators and amplifiers.
  • Extensive Portfolio Choose the best match for your experiment, from Deep UV to Mid IR, from kHz to MHz.
Ultrafast Spectroscopy Lasers

Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy

2D techniques like 2DIR, 2DES, and 2DSFG provide unique data connecting energy levels of biomolecules, proteins, catalysts, and advanced materials.

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Success Stories

We sometimes have to average data for 48 hours, which puts extreme demands on laser stability.
Professor Wei Xiong University of California, San Diego

Multi-Day Amplifier Stability Enables 2D Spectroscopy of Surface Bound Catalyst

Read how resarchers used our Astrella amplifier to obtain 2DSFG spectra which they used to determine the orientation of an important catalyst molecule.

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