Titanium:Sapphire Laser Pumping

Pump your CW and ultrafast laser or amplifier using the green lasers with the best beam quality and lowest noise.

  • Minimize Noise Get peace of mind with pump lasers from a leading supplier of CEP systems.
  • Expand Your Options Choose from a full range of CW and kHz pulsed lasers.
  • Scale-up Power Optimize performance and space with a single 80 W pulsed green laser.
Titanium Sapphire Pumping

Low Noise

Optimize the performance of your Ti:Sapphire lasers and amplifiers with the green pump lasers providing the industry’s lowest noise. Proven by our CEP stabilized lasers. 

Small Footprint

The use of our exclusive OPSL technology enables efficient compact CW lasers with the smallest physical size and lowest carbon footprint. 


Success Stories

OBIS lasers meet all our needs here. They are compact, high-reliability lasers that are energy efficient with a low thermal budget.
George Dubelaar CEO, Cytobuoy, Woerden, Netherlands

Autonomous Flow Cytometer Benefits From Compact, Efficient OBIS Lasers

Read why CytoBuoy's chose OBIS Lasers for compact, multi-wavelength instruments that can operate unattended for extended periods, floating or submerged in the sea.

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