Processing Heads

Improve and extend welding and cutting capabilities for materials processing applications.

  • Increase Precision Cut finer microstructures and get higher weld quality and consistency.
  • Easy Implementation Benefit from preprogrammed “smart” patterns to successfully tackle any task.
  • Reduce Costs Lower cycle time, eliminate post-processing and cut rework.
Processing Heads Line Drawing

Applications Packages for Increased Productivity

Processing heads integrate precision focusing optics with a galvanometer scanning module, plus sophisticated software for producing several useful pre-programmed patterns. This simplifies a variety of challenging welding and cutting tasks. 

SmartWeld+ offers improved results when welding dissimilar or “challenging” materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, and SmartCut+ optimizes cutting of complex microstructures in metal with reduced taper.

Need us to process a material sample? Want to see the results for yourself? We can connect you to a Coherent Applications Lab near you.

Fiber Laser Processing Heads


Achieve improved results when welding dissimilar or “challenging” materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, for e-mobility, and consumer electronics.

Stronger Welds - Improved metallurgical bonds and more consistent results. 


Weld Contours - Beam pattern size and orientation follow part contours. 

Materially Better - Weld highly reflective or volatile materials with less spatter, porosity, and cracking. 


Cut or trepan complex microstructures in metal with reduced taper and at high speed. Particularly well-suited for "on-the-fly" machining of production line parts

Get Smart - Patterns include traditional wobble plus spirals, ellipses, and other complex shapes.

Increase Throughput - High-speed scanning and "on-the-fly" operation reduce cycle time. 


Cost-Effective - Delivers the same results as much more costly lasers. 



Laser system with beam delivery optics, a process gas nozzle, and control software, for scribing internal combustion engine conrods prior to hydraulic cracking.

Car and Truck Engines - Two laser source choices for engines small and large. 


Move Fast - Scribe one part per second. 


Complete Solution - The only fully integrated laser solution for conrod scribing available. 



Flexible, modular, high precision laser processing head which can be readily configured to deliver optimum results for a wide variety of welding, cutting, drilling, and scribing applications.

Ready when you are - A quick release system enables rapid focusing lens replacement for fast changeovers.

Maximum precision - To achieve best results the FLBK60 can be matched to the individual laser source.

See the difference - Options for IR illumination and process viewing cameras available.


Modular high power remote laser welding head that can be configured to support applications ranging from the most basic and cost-sensitive, to tight tolerance, demanding tasks involving “challenging” materials.

Focused on quality -Incorporates the intelliSCAN 30 III 2D scanning head.

Covers all angles - Available with a variety of high-quality F-Theta objectives.

Simplifies your life - Single point of contact for installation, service, and application support.

Diode Laser Processing Heads

PH50DL Zoom Optic

This fiber coupled head produces a 2D homogenized, top-hat profile, rectangular focused spot, the length and width of which are independently adjustable on-the-fly under software control.

Enhanced flexibility - Change spot size dynamically to optimize laser tempering processes for each application.

Smallest size - The most compact zoom optic available for space and size constrained uses.

Better results - Readily integrated process monitoring options, including pyrometer control, improve quality.

Video Spotlight

Reliable Laser Welding of Dissimilar Materials

SmartWeld+ enables precision laser welding of heat-sensitive materials and dissimilar material combinations such as copper to aluminum or steel. It welds these materials with less spatter, porosity, and cracking. This brings the economy, convenience, and reliability of fiber lasers to applications that have previously been challenging for that technology.


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