Get optogenetics lasers with the perfect CW wavelength to match any opsin or use an ultrafast laser to target multiple individual neurons.

  • More Wavelengths Trigger any opsin without crosstalk with a complete spectrum of laser wavelengths.
  • More Control Simplify your experiments with lasers that provide digital and analog modulation.
  • Better 2P Photostimulation Stimulate up to hundreds of neurons in the murine cortex with a MHz amplifier.

Wavelength Choices

We offer compact optogenetics lasers from the UV through the IR, including yellow wavelengths to target inhibitory halorhodopsins and avoid crosstalk with blue imaging of Ca²⁺.

Featured Blog

Optogenetics Lights Up Neuroscience Research

Learn how optogenetics lets researchers study the brain’s activity in detail using laser light.



Success Stories

OBIS lasers meet all our needs here. They are compact, high-reliability lasers that are energy efficient with a low thermal budget.
George Dubelaar CEO, Cytobuoy, Woerden, Netherlands

Autonomous Flow Cytometer Benefits From Compact, Efficient OBIS Lasers

Read why CytoBuoy's chose OBIS Lasers for compact, multi-wavelength instruments that can operate unattended for extended periods, floating or submerged in the sea.

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