Machine Vision

Perform 3D profiling in production faster and more reliably with high-performance structured light lasers. Enabling instrumentation with a uniform laser line at your focus.

  • Reduce Noise Get better, more accurate measurements with low signal-to-noise laser sources.
  • Work Faster Increase metrology throughput with tophat profiling lasers of up to 200 mW.
  • Quick Delivery Receive your custom machine vision laser in two weeks.
Machine Vision Triangulation

Structured Light Laser

Get exactly the high-performance, structured light laser your application requires from our many wavelength choices and variety of beam shape and pattern options.

Featured Blog

Introducing the ExactWeld IP Polymer Welding System

Coherent ExactWeld IP is the easiest way to implement high-volume polymer welding in your production line to produce particle-free, distortion-free welds.

ExactWeld Image


Success Stories

See how the high pulse-to-pulse stability of the Coherent excimer laser is a critical feature enabling uniform pulsed laser deposition over a large area.
Monica Morales-Masis Assoc. Prof. University of Twente, Netherlands

Excimer PLD Creates Superior Films for Improved Solar Cells

High deposition pressure and room temperature PLD-produced Zr-doped In2O3 TCO films enabled the demonstration of semitransparent halide perovskite solar cells with 15.1% power conversion efficiency.

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