Laser Vision Correction

Discover the world’s largest supplier of excimer lasers for LASIK-based vision correction procedures and corneal reshaping.

  • Higher Speed Reduce treatment times with a high repetition rate source.
  • Quicker Development Obtain 510(k) or equivalent approval faster by using an experienced vendor.
  • Longer Lifetime Lengthen maintenance cycles with a longer gas lifetime excimer source.
Laser Vision Correction

Excimer Lasers

Coherent excimer lasers have exceptional reliability, long gas lifetime, operational stability, and high repetition rates from a vendor experienced in medical product development.


Success Stories

The Coherent PowerMax power meter gives us a quick, reliable way to measure the power of UV-C sources. Plus, it’s calibrated and NIST traceable which gives us a high degree of confidence in the absolute accuracy of the readings it delivers.
Daniel Patanjo, EE PE Power and Controls Technology, Inc. (PCTi)

Calibrating UV-C Sources for COVID Decontamination

See how the Coherent PowerMax USB-PS10 power sensor has enabled Power and Controls Technology Inc., together with the University of West Florida’s Laser Lab, to directly measure the actual energy dosage produced by several commercial UV-C sterilization systems.

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