Jewelry & Watch Making

Improve results and profitability with precision, easy-to-use laser marking, welding, and cutting machines for jewelry.

  • Work Quicker Cut production and repair times with systems that are fast to set up and use.
  • Customize Easily Engrave customized marks easily, even on rings, including complex graphics.
  • Improve Results Deliver higher quality, more attractive products with precision laser processing.
jewelry and watch making
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How Lasers Marking Works

Did you know that today you are surrounded by things large and small that have been permanently marked with a laser? From the SIM card in your phone to the milk container in your refrigerator and the control panel of your washing machine, laser marking is everywhere. Read why and how lasers make all these different marks.



Success Stories

Our experience with the first MPS machine in terms of its great reliability, cut quality, and throughput, all convinced us to eventually buy three more of the same machines.
Julien Montavon Technical Director, Technocut

Laser Machining Delivers Superior Parts for Swiss Watches

Technocut has gone from strength to strength, with a successful business and a stellar reputation in the watch industry, plus an increasing demand for parts for other precision industries.

Welding jewelry requires finesse, not brute force, and that’s why we like the Coherent system. It gives us the control we need when welding something thin or delicate.
Volker Carstens Owner, Atelier Schon

Lasers Shine at Jewelry Manufacturer Atelier Schon

Jewelry manufacturing presents a unique challenge, namely to create beautiful and distinctive designs from expensive and sometimes delicate materials, and then fabricate them in a reliable and cost-effective way.

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