Ion Lasers

Rely on mature ion laser technology that delivers high performance, reliability, and stability, plus ease-of-use.

  • Largest Wavelength Selection Choose from the most individual output wavelengths available from any laser.
  • Deeper UV Extend your work as far down as 229 nm.
  • Longest Lifetime Count on 50 years of innovation and industry leading superior reliability to yield maximum lifetime.
Ion Lasers Line Drawing

Ion Lasers for Research and Industry

Gas laser technology today still provides continuous wave output at a larger number of different wavelengths, from the UV to the IR. Coherent offers a complete product line, backed by unmatched worldwide support and service.

Ion Laser Product Family

InnovaSabre Product Image

INNOVA Series provide simplified access to the ion laser's unique capability for producing output at numerous wavelengths, including several high-power lines in the ultraviolet.

Gas Options - Every model available with Kr-ion or Ar-ion. Power Range - 5, 6, 8, 20 and 25 W. Powerful Software - Sentry System for highly automated control.
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