Why does Kubernetes pod stay in pending state

Why do Kubernetes pod stay in pending state?

Lianna Arakelyan Stackify Product & Company Updates

Kubernetes refers to an open-source platform managing containerized service. This portable system simplifies automation and configuration. You can link an app in a Kubernetes cluster and connect it to IBM Cloud Kubernetes service through the VPN. In this article, we will focus on why your kubernetes pod stays in pending state. Use of VPN in Kubernetes Install the VPN in the …

Americaneagle.com and ROC Commerce stay ahead with Retrace

Alexandra Altvater Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

As a digital agency, the last thing you need are production issues for your ecommerce clients. The stakes are even higher when your ecommerce clients are running Super Bowl ads for millions to see.  Instead of enjoying the game, you are faced with troubleshooting a dumpster fire. The development teams at Americaneagle.com and ROC Commerce rely heavily on Application Performance …

What is LAMP stack

What is LAMP Stack?

Matt Watson Stackify Product & Company Updates

Need help on what tech stack suits for your software project? In this entry, let’s learn about LAMP stack’s architecture, its components, and how it works. First, let’s explain the term stack in the software development world. Stack comes from the coined term “solution stack.” It is a collection of software technology that is packed together to form a platform. …

How to configure HTTPS for an Nginx Docker Container

How to configure HTTPS for an Nginx Docker Container

Jose Martin Cara Stackify Product & Company Updates

There are a few ways to effectively configure HTTPs for an Nginx Docker Container.  In this guide, we will quickly cover configuration through the use of free certificate authority Let’s Encrypt. For plenty of people, using Let’s Encrypt to configure HTTPS for an Nginx docker container is a good option. A paid version like Comodo’s SSL certificates may make more …

What is C# used for?

What is C# used for?

Matt Watson Stackify Product & Company Updates

As a developer, there are things you have to learn about C# programming. In this entry, let’s take a look at its basic attributes and why it remains so popular.  C# programming language is a modern programming language. It derives its characteristics from its predecessors like C and C++. It can perform a wide range of tasks and processes across …

DevOps and the cloud

DevOps and the Cloud: 5 Ways DevOps And the Cloud Will Come Together in 2020

Samuel O'Brien Stackify Product & Company Updates

More and more companies are beginning to turn to DevOps and the cloud as a way to improve their software teams. Whilst it used to be that development and operations were seen as separate, that view has now changed. Linking the two leads to better communication, faster development times, and the ability to stay on top of things. With continuous …

Stackify’s New Pricing: Everything you need to know

Alexandra Altvater Stackify Product & Company Updates

Stackify Retrace pricing is changing. We’re moving away from our old device-based billing to a modern usage-based billing. This means you’ll pick a plan based on the exact amount of projected logs and performance traces you collect and nothing more.  You’re probably wondering why and what’s in it for me.  Stackify has one core belief that has guided us since …

Crelate empowers recruiters with Retrace

Maddie Horton Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Crelate, a SaaS-based company, hosted in Microsoft Azure, is focused on helping staffing, recruiting and consulting agency customers connect with an increasingly dynamic workforce. Crelate empowers recruiters through their fast and flexible applicant tracking and recruiting CRM software solution.   “Speed matters to our customers. Recruiters are connecting with hundreds of candidates and clients a week. Time to fill a placement …

List of top features and tips for ASP.NET

Advanced ASP.NET Trace Viewer – WebForms, MVC, Web API, WCF

Matt Watson Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Software is a complex thing. As soon as you deploy an application to production—especially when you don’t have any control over the environment it’s running on—anything could happen. You’ve created this “monster” and set if free. It’s now free from your control. How do you tame this beast before it creates havoc? The first step is to trace its steps …

Case Study: ClearSale sees clear ROI from using Retrace

Alexandra Altvater Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Background: After dealing with a large, difficult APM vendor, ClearSale was in dire need to switch to a reliable solution that was easy to implement, able to provide all the information they needed in one place, and provide enough value to speed up quality application building. Solution: After checking out a live demo of Retrace, Stackify’s APM tool, it was …

Better code, Better results: No BS [Webinar]

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Small changes for big wins At Stackify, we have the privilege of talking with hundreds of companies that have similar software challenges. We found that the #1 challenge is to deliver more value, faster, and with higher quality… while controlling cost, headcount, and complexity. How do you squeeze more out of every delivery cycle with less? There are ways to …

Sporting Goods E-Commerce Retailer Picks Up Its Game With Retrace

Krista Klaus Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Background: Newitts & Co.’s outside development team suspected the e-commerce retailer was missing out on revenue due to application performance issues. The UK-based online sporting goods retailer previously relied on local testing and error notifications to diagnose issues, but lead developer Matt Ross believed that the right APM solution could help reduce abandoned transactions and other issues. Solution: Ross began …

Stackify Retrace Releases Support for PHP

Matt Watson Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Stackify was founded with the goal of giving developers the all the tools they need to troubleshoot and monitor their applications. We are very excited to announce that we now have support for PHP monitoring to go along with support for .NET and Java applications. What is Retrace? Retrace is an application performance management (APM) solution that combines code-level performance …

Get Detailed PHP Trater

Juliet Mendez Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Tracing bugs in your PHP code can be very time-consuming. In order to find bugs quickly in your PHP applications, you can use PHP tracing tools. Stackify provides two tools, Retrace & Prefix, which can help with tracing what happens within a web request or transaction. Retrace is a very affordable application performance monitoring solution that provides centralized logging, error …

Retrace app scoring icon

New Feature in Retrace: Application Scoring

Alexandra Altvater Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Insights for Dev Managers, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Stackify, a leader in application performance tools, is excited to announce App Scoring as part of the Retrace product suite. App Scoring expands on Retrace’s deep performance insights, combining many factors of an application’s performance into a single “letter grade” benchmark score. With the addition of this new metric, users of Retrace can now see at a glance how their …

Retrace release

What’s New in Retrace: Java on Windows Support Now Available

Alexandra Altvater Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Stackify Product & Company Updates

We are happy to announce the release of Java on Windows in Retrace! This latest Retrace release aims to provide first-class support for monitoring Java web applications and services running on Windows systems. Now all the Java APM features that you could use on Linux are now also available for Windows! In addition, the release supports the most commonly used …

Retrace Logging and Error Tips

5 Awesome Retrace Logging & Error Tracking Features

Matt Watson Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Popular, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Retrace combines several tools that developers need for application monitoring in one easy to use tool. Retrace has some really amazing log management and error tracking features because of the tight integration between our APM, errors, and logging tools. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the top features that you should be using with Retrace! Organize …