Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Increase cell efficiency by employing advanced bipolar plate geometries, enabled with ARM fiber laser welding.

  • High Speed Weld bipolar plates at high throughput speeds without sacrificing quality.
  • Dense Welds Improve weld density with the fine control possible through ARM technology.
  • Increased Conductivity Get higher conductivity welds for improved battery performance.
Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Bipolar Plate Welding

Coherent ARM fiber lasers deliver the precise control over part heating to enable cost-effective welding of bipolar plates for the most advanced fuel cell designs.

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The introduction of laser technology has enabled us to definitely expand our addressable markets, since variant production from standard plastic parts and sheet metal processing would not have been possible without the laser systems.
Armin Buchsteiner Managing Director & co-owner of Bröking-Plastex

Bröking-Plastex: An automotive industry leader

At Bröking-Plastex, one thing becomes clear: the trend towards ever greater variant diversity requires specialists who can produce the smallest to large batch sizes flexibly and economically.

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