Dentistry Lasers

Improve results and speed procedures using CO₂ laser-based dental drills instead of traditional mechanical drills

  • Drill Efficiently Vaporize tooth enamel efficiently with a wavelength-matched CO₂ laser.
  • Improve Comfort Put bleeding, sutures, and pain in the past with a CO₂ laser drill.
  • Eliminate Anesthesia Reduce patient visit time by eliminating the need for anesthesia.


Success Stories

The Coherent PowerMax power meter gives us a quick, reliable way to measure the power of UV-C sources. Plus, it’s calibrated and NIST traceable which gives us a high degree of confidence in the absolute accuracy of the readings it delivers.
Daniel Patanjo, EE PE Power and Controls Technology, Inc. (PCTi)

Calibrating UV-C Sources for COVID Decontamination

See how the Coherent PowerMax USB-PS10 power sensor has enabled Power and Controls Technology Inc., together with the University of West Florida’s Laser Lab, to directly measure the actual energy dosage produced by several commercial UV-C sterilization systems.

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