Advanced Packaging and Interconnects

Maximize throughput and yields while guaranteeing high availability for the lowest cost-per-part.

  • Drive Throughput Achieve highest possible throughput via power and repetition rate.
  • Improve Quality Utilize maximum laser control to lessen debris and reduce post process cleaning.
  • Any Material Process any material or combination, including organics, metals, and ceramics.
Advanced Packaging and Optical Interconnects Lasers

Laser Marking

Easy to integrate pulsed lasers that power a wide variety of laser marking tasks on organics, ceramics, metals, and semiconductors, with highest speed, superior contrast, and best-in-class software features.

Laser Assisted Bonding

High power diode lasers can illuminate large areas at high fluence for rapid throughput bonding with precise heat control enabling soldering of heat sensitive parts.

Featured Blog

Introducing Our New High-Power UV Laser: The Coherent AVIA LX 355-30

Learn about the new Coherent AVIA LX355-30 high-power UV laser that reduces cost per part for PCB depaneling and drilling, SiP cutting, and more.



Success Stories

Amplifier thermal stability is critical. Our chamber runs at up to 950°C internally and heats the lab significantly during long experiments. The power, beam shape, and pointing of Astrella are all unaffected by these ambient changes.
Dr. Morgan Trassin ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

Amplifier Stability Enables in-situ Studies of Ferroelectric Film Polarization

See how researchers successfully used Coherent Astrella/TOPAS to determine both the degree and direction of polarization, in films from zero to 20 unit cells (u.c.).

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