Measurement Accessories

Maximize both performance and convenience with a full range of accessories for Coherent meters, sensors, and beam diagnostics systems.

  • Mount It Place your laser sensor at exactly the right height with adjustable post mounts.
  • Cool It Measure higher laser power and energy with heat sinks and attenuators.
  • Carry It Put your meter in a soft carrying case and take it wherever you want to go.
Instrument Accessories

Customize and Adapt Your Measurement System

Take advantage of our wide range of accessories to get the most from your Coherent laser measurement system, and to enhance its convenience and ease-of-use.

Meter Accessories ➝

● Power supplies
● Replacement batteries
● Carrying cases


Sensor Accessories ➝

● Heat sinks
● Attenuators
● Fiber optics adapters
● Power supplies
● Pyroelectric test slides
● Posts and stands
● Oscilloscope adapters


Beam Diagnostic Accessories ➝

● Stray light eliminators
● Attenuators
● C-Mount adapter


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